House among the woods - a picturesque parcel located near Plock. We planned a natural garden blending in with the existing environment; proper selection of plant and species matching the forest habitat was important. Plant species form larger patches of color, penetrating each other giving off the distinct character. The idea was to create a leisure garden with recreational function designed for children. Large sized parcel was divided into two zones: leisure and recreation. On the terrace, we designed a wooden roof with a canopy that gives shade. An additional touch is the passage to a naturalistic garden, made out of natural materials. Greenery is designed to look random at first, and this is achieved by naturalistic plantings under the canopy of pines and birches. The main attraction for the children is a tree house and fountains, and a large roofed gazebo with barbecue. Rounded concrete pots were placed on the terrace, complementing the free shapes in the garden.