The scope of the study is the conceptual design development of the Liberty Square in Wloclawek. The main objectives are functional and spatial solutions, communication and the creation of a highly developed social space.


The development area features a very good location, which is the very center of the city. To exploit its potential and expose the public space, the most essential element of the project was to create leisure and recreational zones for residents and tourists. Those zones should contain an overlook for important objects surrounding the square, like the monastery complex, Musham Palace.


Another aim is to shape the square as the "green lungs of the city" and thus the greater part of the square has been developed as a green area. The nature in each of the zones of the park serves completely different functions. In our opinion, one should use the elements characteristic to the identity of the city of Wloclawek, which include ceramics, works of local artists, the Vistula river and varied natural landscape. A mosaic that was designed on the pavement is in the shape of Cuiavian embroidery, associated for decades with ceramics from Wloclawek. The distinctive pieces of architecture are a small cup-shaped seats resembling the famous Wloclawek ceramic teacups. The large space marked by narrow circles made of concrete can be a place of speeches and meetings of artists, or make a place for the audience during artistic performances. These elements of developing Liberty Square will give authenticity and a unique character to the place, which will increase the competitiveness of this area relative to other clusters and service centers located in close proximity. On the axis towards the Old Town we designed a shallow body of water with fountains and a revitalized hand pump, which the visitors can use. Free space on the boardwalk allows to organize Christmas fairs, dance shows, film etc. Furthermore, we designed the benches and trash bins next to the main pedestrian aisle.