Residential garden that is design freely, but ordered at the same time and incorporated into a circle. Garden is divided into several zones of different functionality. In the open grounds of the first zone, there is a fireplace located below ground level, surrounded by a low retaining wall. Vines are growing up the wooden support beams to create an openwork gazebo. Further, you can find a leisure zone near a terrace made of exotic wood. A naturalistic stream springs there, and ends with a small pond. There are also some small architectural objects, like a bridge that connects the open space with a shaded bench among the birches. When landscaping the terrain, naturally occurring declines were used; stairs were created in the open space and the flowerbeds were placed in the dais. Terrain elevation was strengthen using a wooden palisade. Driveways and some of the paths are made using a vintage granite blocks. This garden was created in 2015.