More than hectare of a garden in varied shape, that required to design terraces descending into the parcel, that eventually became the dominant element. Our main idea in the design of the garden is a minimalist style that seamlessly resonates the naturalistic character of the house. The parcel is located in a rural Polish landscape of a village overlooking the ponds. The space is divided into three main parts: the living area, recreation area and a slope turned into an orchard – clients’ childhood memory. At the request of the client and to our surprise, the vegetation is deciduous only, except for a few accents of pine. Referring to the minimalist form of architecture built with natural elements, we organized the space using bigger sets of plants, using predominantly ornamental grasses that wave in the wind. To reduce the amount of lawns, we suggested flowery meadows in some parts of the garden. The garden is divided with retaining walls made of architectural concrete. In the open space next to the terrace we arranged a place for a volleyball field. The garden also includes a fireplace, a vegetable and herbs garden, and a gazebo with a brick-made barbecue.