Green Walls

A new trend in the design of green, vertical gardens appear all over the world outside the high-rise buildings, in hotel lobbies, reception offices and private apartments. Green walls appeared in Poland a few years ago, and are now flourishing, in the true sense of the word 😉 They are used both in private and public spaces.

In the last half-century green areas have been drastically reduced, through the development of urban area air pollution is ubiquitous.

Living green walls and green roofs are a great solution for each property, as they flow from the very nature.

Vertical gardens are self-sufficient, the only thing needed to create them is a well-lit room inside the house / building or on external walls.


Why living walls are trendy?

Vertical gardens enhance the aesthetic value of the space as well as their role to improve the microclimate of the room and air purification. Our environment is always contaminated in some way, regardless of where we are. Some plants are more efficient at absorbing contaminants, and the more you have, the better for you.

A green oasis in the interior is soothing for people staying in them, an interesting way to use a vertical garden is to put them in places bringing bad memories, for example: a dentist, health center, pharmacy.

Green walls in the office act as noise barriers, create a mobile garden or act as a room divider. They create an additional insulation layer with air between the plants, which reduces the noise level by the reflection, refraction and absorption of acoustic energy.

Interior designers looking for fashionable green solutions, often they decide to revive a boring space using a vertical garden. Design ideas are endless, and may be coupled with another interesting material – moss panels, which will be discussed in our next entry.


Maybe it's time to consider building your own green wall? The procedure for installing green walls do not require much time, but the technology requires knowledge of experienced professionals. If you want to find out for yourselves, write to us, and we will design and create a green garden on any surface!

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