About us

Landscape architecture workshop – that’s us! Despite the scientific name we have both feet on the ground and we get inspired by natures’ compositions. A garden is a place, where order and aesthetics is sought. Each element should have its own place and the colors, smells and materials should feel as if they were there forever. This is our goal during the design and implementation stages.

Given the creative nature of the industry we work in, we constantly try to improve our skills through training, attending trade fairs and courses and being up to date on the latest trends. We do this, so that you – our Customer – will have a guarantee that your garden will look unique and timeless.



Main design artist and founder of Hibner Studio.

Focused on the aesthetic and the practical side of gardens. She promotes a modern, multi-level approach to landscape architecture, while contributing to raising awareness about the industry in the country. Supporter of originality and superiority of green over concrete. She is a perfect match with Rafal - consulting the final result of the project in terms of scope and technologies used.



He directs the implementation work of Hibner Studio. His competencies also include material selection, pricing and logistics. Past experience also allows him to openly discuss matters with investors, allowing the garden to rise in all of its glory, in line with the design and customer expectations. Together with Aleksandra they create a harmonious tandem directing Hibner Studio.